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Chromebook and NatWest Online Banking

Seen a few comments where Chrome browser on Chromebooks can’t reach (error is: Unable to reach site).

Obvious first concern when I saw this was that it might be some sort of banking malware trying to steal account details and failing.

Ctrl-Alt-T opens a shell, “ping” got same IP address as online testing tools, so DNS is fine.

Checked “proxy” settings for the WiFi to make sure nothing was inserting itself in the path.

Disabled all browser extensions and restarted Chrome, no change, so not a browser extension.

Used “chrome://flags” to disable TLS 1.3 (it is new at time of writing), restart Chrome, and no change.

Disabled “Resume where I left off” (this does evil things with cookies), relaunch Chrome, no change.

Logout, and “Browse as Guest”, can visit the site, so it is account specific.

Return as the authenticated user and the site works as usual?! Huh.

No satisfactory resolution on this one.

Normal humans who wouldn’t gain professional kudos for discovering new Chrome OS malware should probably justĀ reset their Chromebook and change their banking passwords.

First support I’ve had to offer in over 4 years since I bought this person a Chromebook, the device was bang up to date, and everything else was working as expected.