Itchy feet

Isaac on a slideWinter is in the air, and I feel the need for change. Not necessarily travel, nor a new job although more money would be useful, but I  need to make some changes.

Definitely needed:

  • More exercise
  • Fewer pieces of bad software to deal with
  • A motivating intellectual challenge
  • The energy to deal with said challenge
  • More time with friends

Whilst I have some ideas on achieving the above, I ‘m asking for ideas from others. It is often easier to see what others should do, than it is to see what would benefit yourself.

What would you do if you were Simon?

One thought on “Itchy feet

  1. niq

    Given your comment on my recent blog piece on rural broadband for Devon, you evidently have expertise in the field. Might getting involved in this consultation – if it goes anywhere – offer suitable stimulation? Can’t promise anything, but I can mention you to my contact.


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