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Exercise equipment in Woodbury Salterton Playground


Isaac using Gym Station Ski Stepper

Isaac and caterpillar (Eric) ignoring the age recommendation for the Ski Stepper

New exercise equipment in Woodbury Salterton playground arrived over Christmas, along with the new play equipment. Each piece is from HAGS, and has a QR code on it. Since even many people who have a smart phone don’t bother with QR codes, I thought I’d scan them all, see if the videos have any useful tips in them. At least at time of writing they don’t have any useful content, just the same young lady using each of them with background music.

Anyway, if anyone is thinking of exercising in Woodbury Salterton here are six videos, showing the new equipment. It may be muddier in real life.

Health Walker

Pull Down Challenger

Ski Stepper

Mini Ski

Handle Boat

Push Hands