One of those days….

Photo of Simon Waters

Simon walking along the Exe

Today was one of those days when nothing went smoothly.

I feel the need to shout at the world, think before you make things. Especially things lots of people will use. It isn’t a terribly novel or keen observation, but time to start pointing them out.

Worse case, but most trivial, recently was a Nominet email from their automaton system that didn’t have the domain name of the domain it was about. Depressingly this isn’t the first email from Nominet I’ve had without the name of the domain it was referring to. Also asked to vote for their non-executive directors – none of them were saying Nominet need more clue to be able to send an automated email correctly – so I voted for the least ambitious most technically minded in the vague hope they might be able to improve things.

Forced to fight the mystery of Windows and reminded how bad computing gets when you compound design mistakes onto design mistakes. It isn’t even possible to start with what is wrong here the list is too long.

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